Missional Communities

Demonstrate & Declare the Good News Together

Our missional communities gather in our homes weekly for a meal. If you are interested in coming to see what it’s like or for more information contact a leader below!

John Ball Zoo Missional Community

John Ball Zoo Missional Community

LEADERS: Aaron & Glori Goodrich
PEOPLE: Friends, Neighbors, & Refugee Family
PLACE: John Ball Zoo Area

CONTACT: aaron@somagr.com

Lincoln Missional Community

Lincoln Missional Community

LEADERS: Anthony & Kaylee Raffa
PEOPLE: Friends, Neighbors, & Westwood Middle School
PLACE: Alpine and Leonard Area

CONTACT: anthony@somagr.com

We believe that
missional communities
are the primary organizing structure of the church
and the most effective means for developing gospel-centered disciples.

What Is a Missional Community (MC)?

A Missional Community is defined as a Family of Servant Witnesses sent as disciples of Jesus who make disciples. MC’s are groups of people who make a commitment to submit to Jesus in every day life. They commit to learning to love one another as family, serve the under-resourced in our midst, and be a witness to the good news of Jesus Christ both to one another and the world around them.

We invite others into the MC family because we have been invited into the ultimate heavenly family. As a MC grows and more people are added, apprentice leaders will be raised up and sent out to start another family. Every time a MC multiplies, there is opportunity for more people in our city to encounter the life giving Jesus.

A Glimpse of What a Missional Community Looks Like in Everyday Life.

This video is narrated by Jeff Vanderstelt, Preaching Pastor of Doxa Church in Bellevue, WA, and founder of the Soma Family of Churches based in Tacoma, WA.