Gatherings and Recent Sermons

Training, Equipping, & Encouragement for Mission

When We Gather

We gather on the 3rd Sundays of the month at 4:00pm

Where We Gather

We share the opportunity to host the gathering in our homes around the city of Grand Rapids.

Click here to reach out and to see where we are gathering next month!

We gather to increase worship in all of life by encountering the Triune God together.

Our church gatherings are a time to build up the body (σῶμα / soma) of Christ.  Our missional communities come together to worship God as faithful family, humble servants, and integrous witnesses of Jesus.  We do this through song, prayer, communion, testimonies, and opening the Scriptures for the preaching of God’s word.

We are committed to Missional Communities as the primary organizing structure of Soma Grand Rapids Church. This means that more of our time, energy, and resources will be devoted to our missional communities throughout the city in hopes that people get to see and encounter the life giving Jesus in word and deed.

Check out some of our sermons!
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