We Are Soma Grand Rapids Church

The Gospel has changed our lives and given us a new identity.


We are a family of servant witnesses continually learning to walk in the ways of Jesus and encouraging each other to do the same.


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Joy Re-kindled Marriage Retreat

God designed marriages to grow and flourish from the fuel of glad-to-be-together joy where faces light up and couples are glad to be with each other.

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When We Gather

We gather on the 3rd Sundays of the month at 4:00pm

Where We Gather

We share the opportunity to host the gathering in our homes around the city of Grand Rapids.

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Discipleship & Mission

We go on mission with our MISSIONAL COMMUNITIES.

We grow together in our 
C.P.R. Groups.

We gather on the 3rd

We give our 
TIME and RESOURCES for the Kingdom.

The Gospel is the good news that God himself has come to rescue and renewal all creation from sin and death
in and through the work of the life-giving Jesus on our behalf. 

When we surrender to Jesus rule, his Kingdom power comes upon us and his Spirit begins to work
in and through us to bless all creation.

“Soma and its leaders have equipped me with so many practical, helpful tools that have helped me to see both
my need for Jesus, and his ABUNDANT grace in a deeper way. 
The Lord has worked through the Soma family to invite me into a walk with Jesus that’s driven less by guilt and fear, and more by the genuine joy of knowing Jesus and living in community with his people.”

Quinlyn Jackson